Search the Quilt

You can see The AIDS Memorial Quilt in a number of ways: by searching the entire 54-ton Quilt on this website, by visiting a display of the Quilt in your community or by touring the national headquarters in Atlanta.  You may also request that a specific panel that you are interested be included in an upcoming display by submitting your request 90 days prior to the display.

**Block Number Criteria Box:  If you don’t know the Block Number, just leave blank or if you just want to peruse ALL the blocks, simply type in 1…

**Panel Listing Criteria Box:  Input the Name of the person you are looking for.  If you are not sure how the name is listed on the actual panel, begin the search with just the last name. Then, if a number of possible blocks are found, you can narrow the search by adding a first initial and then last name.

If you have any problems locating a person’s block, please feel  free to email us at and anyone of us will be happy to help locate the individuals block number.