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There are various ways you can support the AIDS Memorial Quilt/The NAMES Project Foundation.


SHOP for Quilt 2012 Merchandise
Show your support to The Quilt as it makes its way to Washington, D.C. this summer.   Purchase a Quilt in the Capital Commemorative T-Shirt, baseball cap, water bottle or tote bag!  Priced from $10!

During the last 25 years, tens of thousands of volunteers have helped display The Quilt all over the world. Please come to Volunteer Registration on the National Mall during the Smithsonian Folklife Festival to sign up for a volunteer shift. Volunteers are still needed for Quilt In The Capital.  Please click here to sign up for shifts from June 28 through July 24.

For questions or concerns please call the volunteer hotline at 917-297-1531 or email at<

DONATE to the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt
Each year The NAMES Project unfolds sections of The Quilt at thousands of places: in high school gymnasiums, community centers, places of worship, art galleries, museums, corporate headquarters, government offices, as well as on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  Wherever it is displayed, The Quilt provides balm for the painful wounds of grief, pours oil into the waters made turbulent by controversy, opens eyes that refuse to see and enlists every person who experiences it to play a role in stopping the pandemic.  It is difficult to walk away from The Quilt unchanged.  For those to wish to make a donation in honor of a loved one, you will have the option to note this during checkout.

Did You Know…. It costs, on average $60.00– one-way – to send a box of 3 sections of The Quilt to a display.

Did You Know…. It costs $250, on average, to incorporate a single panel into The AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Did You Know…. Each panel of Quilt receives $25 worth of conservation and repair annually.

Did You Know…. It will cost $75 per panel to produce the Quilt in the Capital programs this summer

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