Display Application

Before filling out the form, please remember the following general requirements for display (exceptions may be granted only in special circumstances):

  • All displays must be indoors
  • Display area should be regularly monitored and be able to be locked when display hosts or building security is unavailable to monitor the area
  • Quilt must be hung; it may not be laid out on the floor
  • The area where the Quilt will be hung should measure at least 12 ft. by 12 ft.

Download the AIDS Memorial Quilt display application

Unable to download & print the application?
Request the Display Application via e-mail: contact us at displays@aidsquilt.org
Tell us you’d like a “display application” via email or provide your fax number or US Mail address, and as soon as we are able we’ll send it on!

Request the Application via U.S. Mail
Write us at the address below requesting a display application and we’ll send one by postal mail
Make sure to include your name and address

CALL (404) 688-5500 to request a display application
Give us your name and contact information; we’ll mail or fax the application to you.

Mail your completed application and your cover letter (on the sponsoring organization’s letterhead) along with your deposit check to:

The NAMES Project Foundation
ATTN: Display Applications
117 Luckie St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Please be complete when filling out your application! All of the information requested is required, including the diagram of your proposed display area. An incomplete application will be returned to you, delaying our processing of your application and our approval of your display. No application is approved and no display scheduled prior to receipt of a display deposit.

Once your application has been received our Display Coordination team will process it and then send you:

* A letter confirming receipt of your application and explaining what to expect next and when
* An information packet that includes: guidelines for hanging The Quilt, background information about The Quilt, and a display invoice.

That’s it! Remember though that display applications often aren’t processed immediately; we receive too many and have too few staff. Don’t panic! As soon as we receive an application we review it and check the dates, and we do handle urgent or last minute requests as quickly as possible.

We are available, ready and willing to help!

Should you need assistance at any point in the display application process or have any questions, call us at 404-688-5500 or email displays@aidsquilt.org.