Host The Quilt

Hosting a Quilt Display is Easy, Affordable and Important

“It is extremely difficult to express in words the way The Quilt made me feel. There is no reason these people had to die, but I believe their short time on Earth was to teach us a lesson. It is extremely devastating to see these panels but I know it has opened my eyes to something new and I know I will think before I act. This is unforgettable.” – Lauren P.

A recent study found that after visiting a Quilt display, 76% of attendees felt The Quilt made them consider their own risk for HIV infection and nearly 90% said they would be more likely to protect themselves.

Now you can join the effort to educate and inspire by hosting a display of The AIDS Memorial Quilt in your community. Click here to see examples of Quilt displays around the country. You can begin the process of hosting a display by simply downloading an application here. The NAMES Project staff will work with you every step of the way from selecting your display site, designing the most meaningful display for your community, to providing you with a variety of support materials including PR material, logos, images and more.

Hosting a Display
Each year, we work with hundreds of organizations to present more than 1,000 displays in schools, universities, community centers, places of worship, corporations, art galleries and many other venues. We welcome the chance to work with you to design the most meaningful display possible for your community and one that will make a real difference in the lives of those who attend.

Hosting a display of The AIDS Memorial Quilt is easy and affordable. Quilt displays vary in size, but each one includes 12-foot-by-12-foot Quilt blocks, each containing eight individual panels. Whether you chose to host a single 12-foot by 12-foot block or 100 blocks, The Quilt tells the emotional story of life in the age of AIDS with teddy bears, photographs, love letters and Boy Scout badges.

You can begin the process now by downloading a display application.

Selecting Your Display Site
Please remember that displays of The Quilt must be indoors. Your display site can be an auditorium, library, gymnasium, conference room, church sanctuary, or any other room in your facility that meets the guidelines provided below:
*Have ceilings more than 12 feet high.
*Be locked when security monitors are not present or the display is not open.
*Be off-limits for food, beverages and smoking
*Be free of insects, rodents and leaks

Consider the following when choosing a display site:
A separate room — rather than a high-traffic area such as a lobby — lets people view The Quilt without disruption. This is not applicable for all displays. The Quilt should be accessible, located so that people can see it up close. Seating allows you to conduct special events at the display. The lighting affects how well you can see The Quilt and whether you can create a special “mood” at the display. Audio-visual equipment may be needed for special events held at the display (such as guest speakers or videos).