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Host at Home Application

Host at Home Display Application

  • Should you need any assistance or have any questions in the display process, please feel free to contact us at 404-688-5500, ext 224 or email us at



    Host-at-Home Quilt Displays cost $360 plus shipping. A display is considered 1-7 days from the time you receive the Quilt.

About This Quilt Panel

“We – Scott’s family and friends – started his quilt panel in the spring of 1996, and we submitted it in March 2009. It is a most fitting tribute to a much loved, funny, and creative man who was blessed with devoted friends in diverse places and who was an accomplished procrastinator himself! And so we join with all of the many, many quilt makers over the years who have honored the ones they love with pieces of their own hearts as we commit Scott’s panel into your tender care.” -Patricia Moyle