Maurio Raphael Spikes

“He was funny and talented and unforgettable. He lived with an intensity not known to many, and he influenced everyone who knew him. He loved exotic birds and all things fine and beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity to share the life of Maurio Raphael Spike with the world through this remarkable project. Each stitch was made with love and a prayer that this panel will endure forever.”

–Charlotte Spikes (mother) & Kescia Muhammad (sister)

Jody Dominiclani Asejo

“During his last year, Joe’s favorite things were soap operas, game shows, Whopper Juniors, Kit Kats and sitting and ‘talking story’ with family and friends who came to visit often. His ancestral background is Chinese, Hawaiian, Filipino, and Spanish. He was especially proud to be Hawaiian. His favorite Hawaiian food was squid luau. His apartment was decorated with Hawaiian flair. He had a generous Hawaiian heart and his aloha was shared with many he met. His favorite phrase was ‘E Komo Mai,’ come on in.”

Nicki Cortez

Roman Cortez had the help of his 5th grade class in creating a panel for his mother, Nikki who died from AIDS in September 1998. Together they created a panel that included Nikki’s favorite things including her love of music, picnics in the mountains and of course, shooting hoops with Roman. The students also planned carefully to include a shade of Nikki’s favorite color purple in every section of the panel.

Clay Holland

“We did lots of fun things together – mostly just eating, talking, hanging out and dog walks. We drank ‘sock’ coffee and ate corn beef has in the East Village regularly. I met my husband Dan in Clay’s apartment and have since bought two Dalmatian from his wonderful litter of pedigrees known as Clayborne Dalmatians. I continually have Clay’s life to thank for so many things.”

–Valerie Bishop