Call My Name

Call My Name Workshop Program

Call My Name Sewing Workshop

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”    -Dr. Maya Angelou

Call My Name is a program designed to draw attention to a public health crisis by fostering the creation of new panels for The AIDS Memorial Quilt made by African Americans in honor of their friends, family, and community members who have died of AIDS.

With the introduction of The AIDS Memorial Quilt, The NAMES Project redefined the tradition of quilt making in response to contemporary circumstances. Call My Name uses this model and through hands-on, panel-making activity brings people and communities together to remember loved ones, grieve, find support and strength, and engage in dialogues for change.

“One of the most powerful things I experience during Call My Name Workshops is seeing women and men from different generations as they commune together and transform from a group of strangers into an intimate community. Within a few hours I hear laughter, tears and witness people finding safety in expressing the most vulnerable details of their lives openly.”    – Jada Harris, The NAMES Project

Call My Name also enhances The NAMES Project’s ability to collect and display greater numbers of panels that reflect the epidemic’s impact within the African American community. As a result, Quilt prevention, education and awareness programs have greater capacity to deliver even more cultural relevance and provide poignant personal connections for African American men, women and children visiting who see it.

The Existing Core Team

  • Sheryl Lee Ralph (Spokesperson/Host)
  • Jada Harris (NAMES Project, Director of Programs)
  • Marquetta Bell Johnson (Textile Artist, Arts Educator and CMN Workshop Leader)
  • Juanita Williams (Artist, Craftsperson, HIV Educator and CMN Workshop Leader)


– “How to Make A Panel” Brochure (pdf)